October 9, 2013

Bright Idea: A Fancier Shower


Let’s face it – every homeowner has dealt with a less-than-desirable shower curtain at some point. But for a space you utilize daily, why should your bathroom be a room you dread? The good news: a simple $20 investment can make all the difference in creating a bright, bold and inspired spot to house all of those great ideas you come up with in the shower…

Simply purchase two patterned shower curtains to hang as you would any normal drape. By framing your shower as if it were a window (like these smart homeowners!), your bathroom feels symmetrical and unexpected – a quirky treat that offers a touch of class. Install a few statement tie-backs onto the wall to house the curtains when not in use and voila! A calming, delightful retreat.

So easy, yes? What are your tips and tricks for fancy-ing the bathroom? We’d love to hear!

Image Credit: BHG

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