July 26, 2013

Bright Idea: Spotlight Your Backsplash


Backsplashes rarely receive due praise. After all, they’re working double time to keep those walls safe and dry, fielding grease splatters and dishwater and everything between. Why not shine a spotlight in appreciation for the true star of the kitchen, the ever-functional, always-reliable backsplash?


By tiling your backsplash in a metallic finish, the space reflects light and appears much, much larger – a common goal for many homeowners. (Have you ever heard anyone say they wish they had a smaller kitchen? Never!) Plus, the look provides so much glitz and glamour, any old dinner you prepare will feel like a luxurious, 4-course meal.


For bonus points, pair with an aged copper pendant as pictured. You know what they say – metal loves company, right? Happy tiling!

Image Credits: Emma Templeton via Desire To Inspire

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