August 2, 2013

Bright Idea: Spotlight Your Table


When I think of summer dinners, I think of fresh ingredients, slow eating and casual, long conversations. The days seem longer – less frenzied and rushed – leaving plenty of space for leisurely chats and open invitations. And of course, little nights feels more summery than al fresco dining on a patio surrounded by fresh air and leafy greens. Yet sometimes, summer heat sets in and the evening meal calls for the comfort of a luxurious A/C unit, al fresco or not.

Of course, when the heat beckons you inside, there’s no reason you couldn’t bring a bit of outdoor charm with it, yes? By stringing a few exterior bulb lights over your table, suddenly a meal feels sweeter, more summery. More “let’s just dive into this tiny Parisian cafe for some baguettes, shall we?”


I simply love the look, and we’ve already pulled some bulbs out of storage to give it a try. And for bonus points, why not wrap some twine around the green cord a la Design*Sponge? Simply pour some wine, light a few tea candles and pass your plate for a simple, rustic taste of summer you’re sure to remember.

Happy dining!

Image Credits: Design*Sponge

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