November 12, 2012

Bring the Birch

As the weather turns colder I am finding myself drawn to cozy winter scenes with the hope that they will keep me warm even though I am admittedly living vicariously through others.  Birch has always held a special place in my heart for winter decor as my mom once scored a few pieces to keep in our fireplace for when company was coming over. (Yes, a fire in the fireplace would have potentially been more cozy, but I’m not exactly sure it worked, so lovely birch branches were the next best thing).

I’ve traipsed around the internet this morning and found some more lovely ways to incorporate birch in your home – from the traditional birch-in-the-fireplace (albeit with an updated, more modern appeal – below) to the littlest touches (see the cute, paper drinking-straws at the end of this post), there’s sure to be something to appeal to everyone.


I love the texture and height the birch trunks give this light and airy space.

 (sourced via Apartment Therapy, but credited here)

There are no shortages of birch decal options online.  This beautiful installation is so striking with the dark wall color and modern, cozy lounge.


How about turning birch on its side and creating an installation of disks for a gorgeous, textural application.


For the less committed, this beautiful faux-bois pillow in a large scale print is a great way to add some outdoors to your home.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist these aforementioned whimsical paper-straws from Anthropologie.  They’re even compostable making them truly a friend to the environment and to our design senses.


Do you include birch in your winter home decor?

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