March 7, 2011

Bringing the Beach

I'm visiting my mom and my sister for the next week or so and there are so many things in their house that inspire me.  Like many families these days, they are living in a multi-generational situation.  My mom has the first floor master suite and my sister and her son have the entire upstairs, which includes a loft, three bedrooms, a laundry room and two bathrooms!  As I have mentioned before, they live in the middle of Pennsylvania – not exactly close to the beach – but my family's soul is steeped in coastal living.  Being landlocked when your heart is at the beach lends itself to some tricky design challenges.  Specifically, so many beautiful coastal homes rely on water views to define them as coastal.  The views here are of other homes, a highway and some rolling hills…not exactly beachy. That's why I find my sister's ongoing loft project so inspiring. 

She and her son chose the bold, yellow wall color.  I won't lie.  When it went up on the walls, I may have thought she was crazy.  But, just look at how amazing it looks with this photo installation above her couch!  There are 18 black frames with white mats in a grid filled with black and white photos of her son at the beach.  The original intent was to have it be a progression of yearly shots taken on beach vacations, but since he's only 6 ,and thus only the first row is complete, she used other great beach photos as filler. I love everything about his concept; the bold, sunshine yellow on the wall contrasting with the black frames; the sentimental aspect of the photos; the beach scenes; the many small photos that make up a large installation.  They may be in Central Pennsylvania; but their space will definitely transport you to the beach. — (photos: Miriam Bradford)

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