December 6, 2010

broken, but beautiful…

You know how there are times when you walk by something everyday and you just simply don't even see it anymore, whatever the "it" may be? I mean, really seeing it, spending more than a passing second. I love finding beauty in the ordinary mundane things, and discovering them in unexpected places. They can be the most stunning visuals ever – like this "Broken" series by photographer Alejandra Laviada. I can't stop thinking about them. Each equally graphic and powerful. Love that they are in black and white as well, adds to the authenticity, don't you think? Capturing something so basic and seeing such uniqueness in it is priceless. Textures that even if I wanted to recreate, I couldn't. They are such great iterations of… how should I put it, organic growth through time, that is almost impossible to duplicate. What I saw in these photographs at first glance were broken mirrors, cracked walls, chipped paint… Now, after starring at them for an embarrassingly long time, I see design elements and graphic interpretations, almost x-ray like. But most of all, I see history – layers and layers of history – whether good of bad, broken or man-made. What do you see? 

{ all images by Alejandra Laviada }

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One Response to “broken, but beautiful…”

  1. simply seductive Says:
    December 7th, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Peggy,
    These images are absolutely stunning.  Your summary is beautifully written.  I, too, am memorized by these works of art… it is the composition and depth, contrasting colors and intensity that I love.  The images also play on your sense of space… I am so inspired when I visit your blog… thanks so much for sharing.
    {p.s. I will be featuring these works on my blog and of course crediting you}
    Linda, xo