September 12, 2011

Brown Paper packages Tied Up With String…

Anyone singing yet?

Lately I’ve been thinking about pretty packaging and branding.  I recently ran out of the clear gift wrap I had been using to wrap my invitation sets for my business and started thinking about new ways to package up the pretties that I offer to my clients.  I think I have found something that will work will with my need to both protect my wares en-route and provide a pleasant, tactile experience for my clients.  Of course, I HAD to share some of the pretty inspiration I found along the way with you…

Maps-as-wrapping-paper isn’t really that groundbreaking, but what really drew me to this lovely photo (aside from the beautiful, candy colors of the map itself) was the thin, little string layered over the soft band of paper.

(found via: Just Be Splendid’s Tumbler and not credited further)

I truly love the simple aesthetic of these packaging options explored by SimpleSong:

Oh Hello Friend has pulled together some beautiful elements for her packaging and branding.  I was particularly drawn in by the use of several different textures.

One of my most favorite packaging stories is told by a good friend of mine, photographer, Kat at Persimmon Images.  She even sends along chocolate in her packages to her clients!!

Cultivating all of this inspiration was a great way for me to work through what I need and what I want for my packaging.  So I went ahead and ordered some yellow bakers twine from Whisker Graphics

…some glassine envelopes, like these featured over at Polka Dot Prints, which will be perfect for protecting the piles of paper products I send to my clients…

…paired with some yellow Washi Tape, located at Cute Tape

…as well as these ‘hand made’ seals, also found over at Cute Tape.

I can’t wait for it all to come so I can start packaging things up with my new system, and of course, share the pretty with you all ;)

Are you enamored by pretty packaging?

One Response to “Brown Paper packages Tied Up With String…”

  1. Karen Says:
    September 12th, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    I definitely appreciate creative packaging! Our engagement/wedding photographer has the loveliest materials/packaging. Opening packages is fun no matter what, but adding little touches, really just makes it special!