July 2, 2012

Can a spoonful of good design make the housework any more fun?

I am not sure there are many people in the world who would honestly say that housework is there cup of tea.  In fact, one of my most favorite segments on Marlo Thomas’ venerable, “Free to Be, You and Me” album is the one by Carol Channing pointing out that the lady we see on TV who smiles while she does her housework is smiling because she’s an actress who is getting paid to smile while she does the housework.

However, no matter how much I loathe the dirty deed…I DO love good design.  I am so smitten by these lovely cleaning tools by that I might just be inspired to pick up a cleaning stick (below) and get to work.


The company specializes in textiles with a focus on modern and fresh design.  Throw in som major utilitarian function and you have some stand-out ways to make house cleaning a little bit more bearable in your home.  These 12×12″ microfiber cloths have a scrubber built right in which is GENIUS I tell you!

When the dishes are ready to be dried, they have a cheery selection of cotton, jacquard towels with uplifting messages:

I’m even really loving these super inspired oven mitts in sweet prints that coordinate with aprons that they also offer.

They even have a selection of aprons for the littlest cooks and cleaners in the house.


What are your thoughts?  Do you think good design can transform housework from dull and dreary to festive and fun?


Mü products can be found in gourmet kitchen stores and select department stores as well as some online retailers.

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