September 18, 2012

Can You Spot It? Hi vs Low Style


(answer at the end of the post)

There are so many incredible decor accents out there. From color to style to material – decor item after decor item catches my eye on a daily basis. While many of these goods are price within range, a lot of them are way out of reach.  So my trick – I turn to the blogosphere for relief. As I have always said “If I can’t buy it, blog it.”

While I am blogging away, I also have discovered an awesome series that seems perfect for me and my decor coveting. Style at Home’s Hi/Low series. Yes! The editors of the design series select different rooms in the home and design it with curated pieces. They do this two ways – a hi version of the room and a matching low version of the room. It’s a great way to see how a lower priced piece can be just as nice (sometimes even better) than it’s expensive counterpart.

Click here to check out many more rooms in this fantastic design series.

And the answer to the rooms posted above – the top image is the HI room and the bottom images is the LOW version. Did you guess correctly?

{Images via Style at Home}


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