Bright Idea: Felted Corkboards

felt corkboards

We love corkboards for the function they provide as perfect backdrops for endless inspiration images, magazine clippings and meaningful notes. But sometimes, we want to jazz them up just a bit. Fortunately, we’ve spotted just the solution!


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Two Wasabi Tape DIYs to Adore

I love DIYs but sometimes they take TMT (too much time) so when I spot one that is unique, fun and fabulous – I go for it. I recently tried 2 awesome, easy and time-friendly DIYs using….

…patterned wasabi tape that elevated 2 simple objects to new decor heights – a phone charger and plain feathers. With the phone charger, just wrap it in your fave design of tape and you have created a brand new vibe for something you use everyday. Next tape idea, take plain old feathers (you can find these at your local art store) and tape the entire shape. Now you have a very cool decor accent for your home.

Have you tried using wasabi tape to elevate the everyday?


wasabi DIY 2
wasabi tape DIY 1
source: 1) poppytalk 2) poppytalk

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Bright Idea: Hanging Furniture


I often find small space solutions the most inspiring of all. There’s just something so creative about taking a few restrictions and pushing through potential boundaries to brainstorm a solution that can honor both form and function. And in the case of Printerette Press’ studio, one such solution is a bright idea for any apartment dweller looking to maximize their space:


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Bedroom DIY: Wood Paneled Wall

I love a good headboard in the bedroom but this idea takes it up a major nothc – an entire wall of wood. This fab bedroom is totally elegance meets rustic and it’s definitely all style. And these days it’s easy to create this idea as a DIY. Using wood panels from a local hardware store or vinyl decals that look just like wood, creating your very own wood panel wall is easy to achieve.

wood panel wall DIY 1

wood panel wall DIY 2

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DIY Project: Minimalist Shelving


I’m one of those antsy homeowners that loves to change up her space every month or so. By switching out art prints or throw pillows or yes, even knick-knacks, I’m continually transforming my home’s personality in an attempt to fight the dreaded decorating boredom. After all, if I freshen up small corners of my home often enough, I’ll keep my eyes from wandering to the bigger projects, yes? (Here’s hoping!)


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