Why Don’t You…?

… transform your old shipping boxes into one-of-a-kind pendant lighting?

I’m an Amazon addict, so we have no shortage of cardboard coming in and out of our home daily. So what to do with the influx of boxes? I love this idea from Folkore Store spotted at This is Paper. After flattening the boxes and cutting them into thin strips for shaping, the strips are stacked and combined to create a 100% unique pendant that provides a touch of ingenuity to any space.

I love how the warm cardboard color and texture balances the stark white walls, especially when paired with the rustic wooden ladder pictured. Doesn’t the room just spark your creativity, even from afar?

Online shoppers unite – now we finally have an excuse to indulge! It’s all for the sake of decor, right?

Image Credit: Danielle Reid via This is Paper

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A Concrete Transformation

It seems every family is faced with the dilemma at some point – people grow, stuff collects, closets spill over. Do you move into a larger home – or simply add on to create more space? In the case of the SH House, adding on not only created more room to grow, but changed the entire look and feel of the house – for the better, of course.

By adding a concrete base to an existing brick home, BaksvanWengerden Architects created a show-stopping building that perfects the balance of old (brick) and new (concrete).

The interior partitions were removed to create an open floor plan inside, simultaneously bathing the home in natural light.

And isn’t the interior design perfectly suited for such a remarkable space? That fireplace!

I’m endlessly inspired by architects and creatives that take an existing problem and find a solution that not only solves the original dilemma, but creates something even more amazing along the way. Hat tip, BaksvanWengerden!

Images via ArchDaily

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The Hidden Earth House

File this under “simply unbelievable.” Architect Peter Vetsch recently created a series of hidden earth houses, which are essentially a cluster of homes buried deep into the hills of Switzerland. The homes are centered around a peaceful pond, promoting an organic living lifestyle nothing short of miraculous.

Can you believe these spaces? Natural light swims throughout each home, and I can’t imagine how lovely the view would be from the hill (or should we say roof?). And wouldn’t you be surprised if you were out on a stroll and suddenly stumbled upon a neighborhood underfoot?

Simply inspired.

Images via Design You Trust

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A Convex House

Sure, it looks tiny, but Torsten Ottesjo’s latest creation of the Hus-1 is meant to be tiny. It’s also meant to be thoughtfully designed, seemingly unconstructed and utterly nature-inspired. (I’d say mission accomplished.)


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Check This Out: The Coolest Driveway. Ever.

One of my favorite was to gather inspiration is to walk around my own neighborhood with my camera. I snap photos of house style, plant color, flowers, basically anything that catches my eye. I can definitely say that if my neighborhood had this awesome driveway, I would be snapping away. Made of wood slices, this driveway is completely original and unique. Details like these really elevate a house to a home. Look around your space to find places to share your own unique details.

(Image via Dwell)