A Modern Hideaway

Introducing the smartest thing I’ve seen all year: the Tetra-Shed. What looks like nothing more than a modern, boulder-inspired sculpture for your landscaping is actually an expandable, modular extension of your home.

Whether you utilize it as a spare office space, playhouse or storage for your latest gardening phase, the look is endlessly modern and perfectly statement-making!

And gosh, what a perfect hide-and-seek spot for the littles! How would you use this modern hideaway for your space?

Via Jetson Green

A+ Architecture: Times Eureka Pavilion

Some of my favorite buildings and structures are those that reflect their surroundings in a perfectly-planned, artistic fashion. And in the case of the Times Eureka Pavilion in London’s Botanical Gardens of Kew, “artistically fashioned” is a massive understatement.


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An Ivy-Covered Studio

I often dream of having a separate studio or office space to retreat to. There’s just something so romanticized about having a compartmentalized space for your work life and home life (spoken like a true work-at-home lady!). Yet I’m quite sure that if ever I am lucky enough to build a studio shed in my backyard, it won’t look nearly as beautiful as this creation from Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture.


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A Living Roof Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park



A Geometric Beach “Tent”

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on the beach – (and I mean on the beach)? For the modern, architecture-loving beach bum in us all, Archinoma’s modular system is our geometric answer. Created with steel joints and a mix of translucent and solid panels, the structure is both surprisingly sturdy and easy on the eyes.

Are you as simply amazed as we are?

Via Inhabitat

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