Hey Jack!

Our friends across the pond seem to be a rather talked-about bunch these days, whether it’s news of royalty tying the knot or rowing on the world’s biggest sporting stage this Summer.

Add that to their great history, architecture and design hubs, and we wanted to show our respect with a fresh take on a current trend, which brings us to the launch of  - Hey Jack.

A symbol as recognizable as any, the Union Jack image has been seen everywhere.

So with the launch of our new Spring collection (coming January 17th!) we take that age-old motif and put the FLOR stamp on it by churning it into a geometrical grid. Its bright, primary and bold colors are a great decorating complement no matter your style.

Don’t be afraid of it. Stick in some solids and break it up even more, then share your story with us so we can get your take on it.

Source - Image 1: Flor.com Image 2: ezarchitecture.com Image 3: atouchofart.co.uk Image 4: http://blog.szeretnivalo.hu/ferfiaknak/ferfias-diszek/

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Tenka Gammelgaard Studio Denmark

While reading the October issue of Elle Decor UK, I came across some inspirational images of Danish artist and painter Tenka Gammelgaard’s studio. The purity of her black and white environment is no doubt an important component to her organizational approach. It at once feels a bit chaotic and very clean and organized. There is a sense of whimsy and fun in her style, both personally, visibly in her work. Just look at the time and care she has taken to integrate even her paint brushes into the composition of her space. Very thoughtful and deliberate, and yet, firmly founded in fun. The white floors invite the texture provided by black paint splatter, and the walls, where artwork has been posted and worked on also creates an abstract linear layer, which further invigorates and defines this space. I can imagine spending countless hours here, surrounded by organized chaos, and  a monochromatic field to fill.

Content and images found at Elle Décor UK,  images sourced here.


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The Beaded Home

Design is so often in the details that I find myself overlooking the sweetest of artistic touches in the home. It wasn’t until I perused my favorite international sites this morning that I noticed a similar theme popping up: wooden beads. Whether incorporated into the home as a functional cord or decorative planter, I’m loving the trend.

Here’s a look at a few great ideas you can try on your own!:

Above, Annaleena shared her “home necklace DIY” on Emmas Design Blogg, and I can’t wait to try the look myself! I can see it used as a window pull, but also as a sweet surprise hanging on an entryway wall.

In this photo, Riikka created a plant hanger using rope/twine and wooden beads. What a modern take on the vintage macrame technique!

How about this super smart idea? Beads can transform your everyday drawer pulls in a pinch. Above, Bolaget features a black modern design. Below, Tingelings opted for a more homespun look.

And lastly, wooden beads can offer a creative take on wardrobe storage. Don’t you love the below idea from Hommin?

So friends – are you inspired to take on the trend, one bead at a time? Happy crafting!

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We’ve been FLOR’d

We are soooooo almost done with my son’s big boy bedroom and I can’t wait to show you the big reveal…unfortunately, you’re just going to have to hold on a bit longer.  You see, the final piece that will go in there is a train table that he is inheriting from his cousin…but my mom can’t bring it up from PA until we call to tell her the baby is on the way.  So that means early November.  Sorry all…you’ll just have to be patient!

In the meantime, his new FLOR tiles arrived the other day and I took some time to put them together.

If you’ll recall from my original mood board, I had designed something with different shades of gray and pops of orange.

Here’s a better view of the screenshot of what I originally proposed by utilizing the FLOR builder.

I liked it…but it wasn’t exactly screaming awesome to me.  I wanted to keep the orange pieces towards the middle of the rug, but couldn’t figure out exactly how to do it without having any of them touch…so I kept designing until I came up with this plan:

This was composed of Toy Poodle squares in Cloud, Titanium, Sterling and Fog with pops of Rake Me Over in Clementine.  If you’ll recall from this post, I planned on having each square represented in the picture below actually be a quarter square.  Even though I have lots of experience with trimming FLOR tiles, and even though it is really easy, I decided to give my ultra-preggo self a break and had FLOR custom cut them for me for a nominal fee.  TOTALLY worth it in my humble opinion!

The tiles arrived on Friday around 2:00pm and by 2:45 this was the scene in his bedroom:

The kid is IN. LOVE. with his new FLOR tiles.  Every day he gets out of bed and immediately lies down on the rug with his head on one of the orange squares and insists that we join him…a proposition that is none too easy for me at this point in my pregnancy.  But how can you resist that face?

We’re so excited that the design worked out and totally tickled that our son loves it as much as we do.

Have you designed your FLOR lately?

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What Makes FLOR Different?

Everyone here at FLOR firmly believes in the products we produce.  We often talk about the differences that go into the design and manufacture of FLOR products, but we thought it would be great to hear it direct from our company president, Greg Colando.

In this video, Greg explains why FLOR is a better and smarter alternative to conventional area rugs or rolled carpeting; he discusses how designing with FLOR carpet squares gives you tremendous design flexibility and freedom to create custom designs to suit your taste and space; and, he talks about why modular FLOR tiles are simply a more practical way to cover your floors for today’s busy lifestyles.

We love what we do and want everyone to share in the joy of FLOR carpet squares.  We believe that once you experience the FLOR difference, you will never want to go back to traditional rugs or carpeting again.

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