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It isn’t every day that we get to see ourselves through the eyes of others.  In this case, those eyes belonged to the inspiring design-duo of  Bob and Cortney Novogratz, stars of the new show “Home by Novogratz” on HGTV.

We’ve long been fans of the Novogratz team here at FLOR and were blown away with a recent redesign project where they used some of our boldest colors and stripe patterns to completely transform a family beach-front condo.

We love how they used Side by Side here to complement the black-and-white wallpaper design and coordinate with the pops of color in this eclectic mix of styles.  We think it works beautifully and provides a stunning contrast.  (And, we love the briefcase/attache turned magazine stand – brilliant).

For the kids’ room, the Novogratz chose Ups and Downs to continue the stripe theme used in the bed frames and coordinate with the brightness of the wall color.

You couldn’t help but wake up refreshed and energized in the master bedroom.  We love the commitment to one of this season’s hottest colors: yellow.  Rake Me Over in yellow does the trick and provides a soft, lemony look for the floors.  The complementary earthy-brown tones really work to make this an inviting room. They then took a similar theme into the next room and used Rake Me Over again to create a shocking display of pink personality.

We were really inspired by Bob and Cortney’s fresh approach to color and pattern here.   There is no fear in their design palette and we feel that they’ve capture the essence of eclectic design beautifully.  What do you think?

See all the FLOR styles featured on “Home by Novogratz” here.  And, tune in to HGTV Saturdays, 10pm, to see more of this creative team’s perspective on design.

photo credits (1. paper.blog 2. mycentraljersey.com )

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Word from OUR Wise : Solids

“Nature doesn’t do solids…”

Any kid knows that a tree trunk is brown; but, why does it look so flat when rendered by a crayon?  The reason:  it is actually made up of a series of beautiful neutrals that blend to form a solid.  We’ve taken a queue from nature on this one.  When we do “solids” at FLOR, it often looks like this rug, where several shades of Feelin’ Groovy in purple combine to create “a solid color.”

Tip: Incorporating multiple shades of one color will create more possiblities when coordinating with colorful patterns.


Straight Forward And To The Point.

I believe a home should reflect the personal style of the occupant. Convey a sense of – Whimsy. Mood. Goings on. I recently purchased some functional accessories, handmade by a talented New York designer, Alexandra Ferguson. Alexandra speaks volumes, very softly. She makes pillows. Let me get straight to the point. Alexandra does. She says it like it is, so we don’t have to. Bold, strong and beautiful, I never would have believed a bundle of feathers could pack such a punch. Now remember, my audience is a pack of pre-teen boys. I thought it the perfect subtle reminder to place these nesting objects on the new family room sofa. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if I never had to verbally express these words again? Wishful thinking perhaps. But, I’m hopeful that Alexandra’s subliminal messaging while the boys are lounging, will do the trick.


Ok. So perhaps your target audience falls in a different cross section of the population. A message to a boyfriend, a gift to a friend, or well-wishes to a co-worker. No worries my friend. Alexandra has you covered. Categories include: House Rules, Man Cave, Good Advice, Lets Make Out, Monogram, In The Press, Office, and Cartoons. How about one of these? She also takes custom orders. Come on, speak up!

Alexandra has received some great press, in Real Simple Magazine, Shape and House Beautiful. Her pillows are eco-conscious, handmade in the USA one at a time with 100% recycled felt made from recycled water bottles.
Oh, excuse me, did you say something?
Images found on artists website on Etsy.

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FLOR Story: Find a Face

We can’t say much else, other than, this picture might be one of the cutest/sweetest pictures we’ve ever received. Thanks for making our day, Logan! You brought a smile to everyone’s face. Check out Cindy’s Find a Face installation and her adorable little man, fitting into his surroundings.


Dear FLOR,

We LOVE our FLOR pattern!

We bought the Find a Face FLOR pattern for our son’s room before he was born. I loved it from the moment I saw it and our son Logan has grown to find that it is a great way to play “hide and seek” with us!



For more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to use at pictures@flor.com.

Inspiring Nursery Design

Recently, the nursery below designed by Trenna of Trenna Travis Design Studio was selected as the May Project Gallery Winner over at Project Nursery and I couldn’t possibly be more in love.

Like all well designed spaces should, it took me some time to truly reflect on this space and figure out exactly what it was that tickled me so much.  In the end I determined that it doesn’t just boil down to one single thing, but rather a combination of good choices that makes this nursery such a winner in my book.

First, the color palette with its various hues is fresh, yet still maintains its sweetness.  Everything from the vintage aqua crib to the persimmon pillow; the preppy greens in both large scale (the chair) and tiny scale (the Greek Key curtains) patterns; the mintier green side table and the flash of poppy orange buds in the silver vase work together to create a gentle, relaxed ambiance just perfect for a sweet baby.

Second, even the neutrals in this space are all very varied, yet compliment each other perfectly.  The cable knit throw; the light wood floor; the venerable Ikea pendant; the linen storage boxes; the quilted crib bumper; the quirky ceramic owl lamp; the tone on tone picture frames and the beautiful, woven shades are all texturally independent of one another and yet so perfectly work together to give the space depth and light.

The one and only thing in this room that confuses me is the placement of the crib right in front of the curtained window.  But, for the sake of compromise, I will go ahead and chalk it up to the need to style the room so that everything fit in one perfectly framed photograph.

Many congrats to Trenna on her much deserved win.

Care to share any fresh, new nursery designs you’ve come across lately?

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