On the Hunt: Candy-Coated Chairs

Chairs are some of my favorite accent pieces for the home, and what better way to accent a forgotten corner than to add a splash of candy-coated color? I’ve been on the hunt for a vibrant industrial-inspired seat for a few weeks now, so I thought it might be fun to share my findings with you! Behold, six options for a happy fanny!:

1. Mint barstool ($300) at DWR
2. Turquoise kids’ chair (£74) at My Haus
3. Garden side chair ($67) at Home Decorator’s Collection
4. Spark lounge chair ($348) at DWR
5. Light blue vintage Tolix chair ($895) at ABC Home
6. Tolix perforated armchair ($156) at DWR

Happy shopping, friends!

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Bright Idea: Painted Cross-Stitch Wall

A sweet Victorian bedroom gained an instant facelift with this smart idea from Eline Pellinkhof (as spotted on Bloesem). Why simply hang a cross-stitch on a wall when you could paint an enlarged embroidery-inspired mural in lieu of a headboard?

I love how the modernized idea keeps a dated cross-stitch design from looking tired and overdone. After all, embroidery has been around for years, but never have I seen it displayed in quite the same manner! So smart, yes?

Images via Bloesem.


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Why Don’t You…?

Need a cheap fix for a bright, sunny window and no time to shop for drapes? Get crafty with sticky notes!

Of course, the look is far from functional (unless you want to attach and reattach paper to your window every evening and morning). But there’s something so sculpturally beautiful about it, and I love how artistic the space feels. If nothing else, how much fun are those layered pops of pink?

Happy crafting!

Image Credit: Florian Hildebrandt

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A+ Architecture: Times Eureka Pavilion

Some of my favorite buildings and structures are those that reflect their surroundings in a perfectly-planned, artistic fashion. And in the case of the Times Eureka Pavilion in London’s Botanical Gardens of Kew, “artistically fashioned” is a massive understatement.


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An Urban Night Club in Tokyo

I’ve been on a pretty intense architecture kick, and I feel like this building puts all other facades to shame. Created by a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the space is a perfect mix of young, sugary-sweet aesthetics with a smart and functional use of space.


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