How to Design Using FLOR Tiles

We hear it all the time… “I love FLOR, but I just don’t know where to start!”  We thought our blog would be the perfect place to address those concerns. We’ve heard your pleas and are here to help.

In this video, Deidra, one of our FLOR Design Consultants, talks you through some important points to keep in mind when creating any type of FLOR rug, runner or wall-to-wall carpet design.  There are some fundamentals to consider whenever you undertake a new design project; like what color do you want, what room are you designing for and what size/shape do you need?

See how easy it is to create custom designs using FLOR’s modular system and let Deidra guide you through the process.  You’ll be surprised by what you can do.

Still have questions?  No worries, call us at 866.281.3567 for personal, one-on-one design help or fill out this easy online form.

A Color Story : A Charming Vanity

My name is Rebecca and I am contributing to a new series on the Musings blog called A COLOR STORY.  Inside this series, you’ll find real spaces and places as well as real tips for creating your best space and getting serious color inspiration.  I truly believe that creating your best space will allow you to feel your best self. Let’s get started.

The first space is inspired by one of a gal’s fave places in the bedroom, her vanity table. Many of us have reinterpreted the classic vanity table – a small space in the bathroom, a side table, you name it. Wherever you keep your favorite *getting ready* items like jewelry, hairbrushes, perfume, etc, it is certainly a place to seek a bit of comfort and quiet as you begin and end your day. I love this space, a charming vanity from the pages of domino magazine. I spotted some fab design ideas and color options right here.
1) A completely soft and romantic pink, purple and blue palette with a sophisticated edge. Take items your love and find a space and a dedicated place for them on your vanity. A great jewelry box, a picture of your romantic partner, a vintage vase for your flowers – place items your love in vessels you care about.

2) Flowers are an affordable and simply gorgeous accent to add to your vanity space. Flowers add a soft edge and a pop of color to your vignette. The best thing, when you want a color change, change your flower.

3) Introduce a 2 x 3 FLOR rug that balances with your vanity and it’s items. I love the blue necklace that is out for show and it complements the FLOR’s  Toy Poodle tiles in Frost.

4) Any and all reflective items in a space will give it tons of dimension and style. Keep our fave gold and silver baubles out on display.

5) Vertical space works! Even in a small vignette, like the vanity, add in various heights to keep the eye moving through the design. A bud vase, tall frame, different shaped boxes will add depth.

Love this color palette? Check out all the FLOR  colors to add to your own special space.

Fall colors and textures…

Are you ready for fall? With the thermometer reading at 96ºF in Los Angeles right now, I do look forward to the cooler weather. I’ve always enjoyed the catalogues that TOAST puts out every season. Do you remember the post I did a while back on La Ricarda? So it’s no surprise that I’m loving their latest Autumn ones. One part woodsy, two parts industrial, and three parts rusts – which I have to admit, I find so much beauty in that… it’s hard to choose which one of these images I’m drawn to the most. Aren’t the colors quite spectacular? The texture and patina to these are just naturally beautiful. I usually put a space in between the images on my posts, but this time I feel they should be attached – strung together if you will – to create a continuous flow…

{ photography by Sarah Maingot for TOAST }

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Filip Dujardin: Fictions

Architectural photography is a true art. Looking at the element of space through the lens of the camera often provides an encapsulated and focused view of a broader and bigger vision. Stylists and photographers have the unique opportunity to effect what it is we see. Similarly, often as a designer, one studies the composition of a building facade or interior space, and repositions elements in the minds eye. What if you could design a room without structural support? Or, without concern for programmatic requirements? What fun it is to delve into the conceptual world providing the freedoms of pattern and form. Architecture for arts sake.

Belgin artist and photographer Filip Dujardin has created a photographic series titled Fictions. His artful arrangement of building elements encourage us to be open minded and explore the beauty of composition. When you study his work, you can’t help but try to make sense of the improbable and unbuildable positioning of forms. With photoshop, Dujardin creates images of his imagination, altering elevations and proportions by manipulating windows and doors, changing proportion of building elements, and adding volumes not actually present. He creates artful, dynamic and interesting architecture on the page.

I am inexplicability drawn to this work. I love the play on scale, color and proportion. Exploring architectural composition without constraint, through the eye of the camera first, and then a layer of fun filled freedom of imagination.

Highlight Gallery in San Francisco hosted the first U.S. solo gallery exhibition for Filip Dujardin’s work. Fourteen photographic plates of architectural spaces titled “Fictions”.

All images found here.

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The concept of building a tree house as a hideaway in and among the clouds has evolved significantly since I was a kid. There are some treehouse concepts that push the envelope aesthetically, and materially. They are sophisticated structures, often sculptural and inspiring. At our house, we support a culture of building. You never know what may show up from the recycling bin in the next creative project. We will be embarking on a new building on our site, occupied by three boys and their daydreams. We’ve been collecting imagery on the inspiration wall in my office to fuel the boys creative energy. Will it be suspended up in the treetops, or be planted firmly on the ground? Either way, it’s bound to be a lot of fun. Watching the boys develop their ideas on sketch up, building models, and exploring boundaries, both physical and of their imagination, are life’s lessons bound in a pile of twigs. Not being afraid to test an idea, understanding the gift of failure and embracing the collaborative process, are what will make this retreat their own.


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