A Day in Seattle

Traveling around visiting FLOR stores is really not a bad gig to have. The stores all have their own unique architectural character, they’re staffed by interesting folks and are located in dynamic and eclectic neighborhoods. Seattle is a personal favorite – step out the door in any direction and you’re bound to stumble across interesting shops, great eats, plenty of people watching and lots of natural beauty.

If you are in the neighborhood, we invite you to stop by the store and say hello – it’s a great corner spot with abundant light and a helpful staff that likes to have a good laugh and talk about carpet, squares -that is!  And, why not make a day (or at least an afternoon of it) – here are some of our favorite neighborhood attractions.

For the early risers, Top Pot is the spot. Hand-forged doughnuts. Good coffee and shelves full of old books. I recommend anything with applesauce or bacon. Busy spot with a line full of locals, great for conversation and line moves quickly.


After a little caffeination and some sugar, a stroll around the neighborhood to check out some shops (after FLOR, of course) is in order. Urban Hardwoods is a short jaunt across the street and a very unique place. These are locally made pieces from salvaged hardwoods. We love the idea of using materials that would otherwise go to waste – and, the reward for your altruism? A completely one-of-a-kind design that is sure to become a family heirloom.



In addition to the beautiful salvaged wood furniture, I think they have a very well curated selection of interesting accessories and art objects – industrial crossed with rustic.


A few blocks away you’ll find one of the remaining architectural bookstores in the US - Peter Miller - it’s a complete classic that manages to remain totally relevant. For many, many years they were just a few doors down from the new FLOR location, this spring the store moved into an extraordinary space that is part of Suyama Peterson Deguchi architects’ space. It’s an inspiring space to visit — here are a few pics to whet your appetite – most days you’ll run into Peter and he’s great for a chat on all sorts of topics – food, architecture, the neighborhood, design, Seattle …. just remember to say hello from FLOR.



And, a visit earns you a sneak peek into the  Suyama Peterson Deguchi space – complete with rotational art / architectural / design exhibits. It’s worth the trip.




By now you might have earned an appetite? Serious Pie totally has you covered. Plenty of fresh, seasonal starters (heirloom tomatoes, cascade huckleberries, red haven peaches) followed by a pie that you’ll remember – interesting ingredients, a just right crust. You’ll come back, I’m definitely going to.


Certainly Pike Place Market must be the number one tourist attraction for hundreds of miles — It’s beyond iconic – and yet, it is still so worth a visit – by tourists and locals alike. You’ll find unbelievable seafood, miles of flowers … and cheese … Beecher’s Handmade Cheese to be exact. Watch cheese production in action — it’s transfixing and if you have an appetite at all, the Grilled Cheese with Beecher’s Flagship cheese is not to be missed – Not hungry? Put it in your pocket for later, seriously, it’s  that good.

First – the market – a few shots — then Grilled Cheese.




All this walking, shopping and exploring has most certainly earned you a beverage. I’m a fan of The Diller Room where  they can accommodate your craft cocktail or serve up a quality microbrew pint -all with local-worthy conversation.


We’ve got plenty more ideas (Fran’s Chocolates will make you a favorite amongst family and friends, Metsker Maps is pretty classic and full of fresh ideas for any explorer, Matt’s in the Market will serve up a cocktail with a heck of a view … there’s a whole lot more … we’d love to know your favorites – please leave your comments below.



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House Tour : Chicago Home & Garden

For this chapter of our House Tours, we took a break from homes we photograph for our catalog and knocked on the door of our Sr. VP of Design and Creative, Chip DeGrace, and his wife Cynthia. Nestled on a cozy street in the Chicago suburb of historic Elmhurst, Chip and Cynthia have created their home sweet home, complete with unique furniture pieces and dazzling design ideas.


FLOR Insider: Johnson’s Design

We think it’s important to know that when you call FLOR, not only are you calling a friendly group located right here in our Chicago offices, you are talking to people who are extremely passionate about design. They genuinely care about your design needs and are determined to help make your homes, spaces and rooms the most beautiful places they can possibly be.

In our second installment of FLOR Insiders we bring you Johnson Yur, a valued member of our customer service department who provides design assistance daily and, as you’ll see, has a special talent for improving a room.

Name: Johnson

Position at FLOR: Design Assistance Rep

Hobbies : Cooking, Re-purposing Furniture, Painting, Drawing

Favorite FLOR: Manx

Describe your interior design style: I would have to say a combination of eclectic, mid century modern with a touch of vintage. I love re-purposed furniture and a room that displays tasteful artwork.

Johnson’s story…

Having recently moved into a historic high rise in Chicago, I became fascinated with the coalescence of vintage architecture in a modern, urban landscape. I felt the apartment’s interior design should portray this fusion of old and new. Through FLOR designs I was able to create a rug using old-world materials with a modern aesthetic.

Upon selecting a variety of FLOR styles, I was immediately drawn to the natural softness of the sustainable English wools in the Floresse collection. Inspired by the retro game of Tetris, I incorporate a random geometric design with half tiles in Shear Indulgence and Manx styles. The difference in pile heights brought together not only a textured rug but a multi-dimensional work of art.


My FLOR design has become a décor gem and the centerpiece of the interior space. The apartment’s traditional fireplace has been transformed, complimented by the rug’s sleek appearance and luxurious feel.

Even my cat, Roxie, seems to enjoy this new addition to our home as it has become one of her favorite places to relax.

Isn’t Johnson’s space amazing? He’s not one to brag, so we’ll do that on his behalf, those drawings above are originals from him. Simply beautiful!

Do you have any designs that you would like to share with us? If so, email us a picture at pictures@flor.com and you could possibly be featured in one of our FLOR stories (not to mention, receive 10% off your next purchase).  To see more stories like Johnson’s click here. Happy designing!






FLOR Insiders – Kelsey’s creation

Everyone who works at FLOR is a little nutty about carpet tile.  While there are many different degrees of creativity among us, it’ safe to say that we are all pretty passionate about design and love experimenting with product we create.  So, we thought it would be fun to highlight a FLOR employee by sharing some of their inspiring designs.

Name: Kelsey

Position at FLOR: Creative Assistant

Hobbies : Artist

Favorite FLOR: House Pet

Describe your interior design style: I would say that it is a mix of styles.  I love industrial spaces that incorporate early 20th century arts and crafts furniture.

Here is Kelsey’s design story…

“Being an artist I always want to push the limits of what I can do with materials and FLOR was the perfect opportunity to try something fun. It’s kind of random … but the pattern is inspired from a tile design that used to be in the home where I grew up. The tile pattern is absolutely gorgeous – very simple and symmetrical.  Ideally, I would love to do this pattern in a charcoal/cream combination but the yellow was an exciting twist and looked amazing against the cement floors.  It also offered a more funky feel combined with the red metal chairs.”

“I thought that using Rake Me Over and Toy Poodle would help create that basketweave effect that I was going for. Although the color is the same,  the different textures of the tiles give the rug some dimension.”

“Obviously, there were a ton of cuts but they were super easy because it was 1/2 tiles; so, I only needed to do 1 cut per tile.  It took me about 2 hours to put the whole thing together. I am really excited about the way it turned out.”

We are too! What do you guys think? Isn’t her design incredible? Do you have any designs that you would like to share with us? If so, email us a picture at pictures@flor.com and you could possibly be featured in one of our FLOR stories (not to mention, receive 10% off your next purchase).  Happy designing!



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