A Softer Kind of Sisal

Natural fibers – sisals, coirs, seagress – are a staple today in home décor.  It was our love for this look that inspired the FLOR design team to re-think a classic fiber like sisal into a new, more modern design that doesn’t require a “stay away” type of approach.

Cuz let’s face it, just about everyone has witnessed a gorgeous sisal in a friend or family member’s home that was either demolished from the dog (those corners are tempting to a teething pooch), ruined by a clumsy house guest (red wine comes to mind) or simply unraveled over time.

We introduced Suit Yourself in our summer collection …

… and now for fall, we’ve got two more sisal-inspired designs:  A Tisket a Tasket and Family Tree.

A Tisket A Tasket - Almond

Family Tree – Licorice

You may not realize that once processed with a backing, sisal loses its biodegradable cred. But our sisal interpretations are made with resilient, 100% recycled Nylon face fibers, which will allow you to sleep easy knowing your FLOR will eventually be recycled into something new (namely another FLOR tile).

It also means our sisal version is not only softer (let’s face it:  regular sisal could double as a pumice stone on your feet), but can actually be cleaned.  Yes, you read that right … a cleanable sisal.  It’s a heavenly thought, isn’t it?

So should Rex get bored one day and start nibbling on your rug, you won’t have to banish him to the kitchen.  Instead, you can simply replace squares if they get worn, damaged or unraveled – giving your beautiful rug that sisal look with a longer life span.

Check out all of our new sisal-inspired designs as well as our entire Fall Collection.

Images: FLOR.com

FLOR’s Ideas for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many are preparing for the gathering of guests, all decked out in their best costumes.  Whether you’re laying low expecting just trick-or-treaters or entertaining a large crowd with a party, we thought we’d lend a hand and help you get festive from the feet, up.

FLOR’s Pumpkin -

To create this rug you will need the following:

click here to download the Pumpkin rug map


FLOR’s Ghost

To create this rug you will need the following:

  • 2 tiles of  Feelin GroovyBone (free form halfcircle cuts from corner to corner making sure they line up tile to tile)
  • 4 tiles of Rake Me OverBone
  • 2 tiles of Rake Me Over – Bone (cut out a quad of the tile – see rug map)
  • 4 tiles of Rake Me Over – Bone (free form cut squigglybottom row making sure they line up from tile to tile – see rug map)
  • 2 tiles of Feelin Groovy - Black
  • 1 tile of Mild Mannered - Charcoal (cut into 1/4 tiles)
  • 1 Stanley carpet knife
  • 1 FLOR straight edge

click here to download the Ghost rug map


With a few turns of a tile you can also create FLOR’s version of a Skeleton:

To create this rug you will need the following:

  • 2 tiles of Feelin GroovyBone (free form half circle cuts from corner to corner making sure it lines up from tile to tile.)
  • 4 tiles of Rake Me OverBone
  • 2 tiles of  Rake Me Over –  Bone
  • 2 tiles of Rake Me Over –  Bone (cut out a quad of the tile – see rug map)
  • 4 tiles of  Rake Me Over – Bone ( cut out a half of aquad size piece to fit the nose into place – see rug map)
  • 1 tile of  Rake Me Over – Bone (cut into half)
  • 2 tiles of Rake Me OverBlack
  • 2 tiles of Feelin’ GroovyBlack (cut into 1/4  tiles)
  • 1 tile of Mild ManneredCharcoal - (cut into 1/4 tiles)
  • 1 Stanley carpet knife
  • 1 FLOR straight edge

click here to download the Skeleton rug map

What fun DIY projects have you done for Halloween? Share your stories on Facebook. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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Seamless style with practical benefits

We love the shot on the cover of our latest catalog .  It’s the epitome of FLOR style – sleek, sophisticated yet incredibly practical and livable.

Our design team came up with this über elegant look – which blends in with the minimalist black-and-white décor perfectly – to showcase not only how you can design floorcovering to complement your surroundings; but also how you can achieve the seamless look of conventional carpeting in a fresh, modern way.  This rug set is a combination of Rake Me Over in Bone, Fog, Graphite & Black.  If you’re loving this rug for your room you can go here to find the rug maps of how to create it.

What – you wouldn’t dare put white carpeting in your living space?  Well, we believe in living (and designing) fearlessly.  The ability to clean or replace just one square (instead of an entire room) is just one of the many benefits of a modular system. Not to mention, if white is really not for you, you can swap out the white with the color of your choice. It’s that simple!

Seriously – we’re not exaggerating … ask around.  I bet you know someone who has had a gorgeous rug or brand new carpeting ruined by a stain or spill or an overly worn spot or two.  Tell us your tale by email us at pictures@flor.com or check out more real-life stories on Facebook.


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We’ve been FLOR’d

We are soooooo almost done with my son’s big boy bedroom and I can’t wait to show you the big reveal…unfortunately, you’re just going to have to hold on a bit longer.  You see, the final piece that will go in there is a train table that he is inheriting from his cousin…but my mom can’t bring it up from PA until we call to tell her the baby is on the way.  So that means early November.  Sorry all…you’ll just have to be patient!

In the meantime, his new FLOR tiles arrived the other day and I took some time to put them together.

If you’ll recall from my original mood board, I had designed something with different shades of gray and pops of orange.

Here’s a better view of the screenshot of what I originally proposed by utilizing the FLOR builder.

I liked it…but it wasn’t exactly screaming awesome to me.  I wanted to keep the orange pieces towards the middle of the rug, but couldn’t figure out exactly how to do it without having any of them touch…so I kept designing until I came up with this plan:

This was composed of Toy Poodle squares in Cloud, Titanium, Sterling and Fog with pops of Rake Me Over in Clementine.  If you’ll recall from this post, I planned on having each square represented in the picture below actually be a quarter square.  Even though I have lots of experience with trimming FLOR tiles, and even though it is really easy, I decided to give my ultra-preggo self a break and had FLOR custom cut them for me for a nominal fee.  TOTALLY worth it in my humble opinion!

The tiles arrived on Friday around 2:00pm and by 2:45 this was the scene in his bedroom:

The kid is IN. LOVE. with his new FLOR tiles.  Every day he gets out of bed and immediately lies down on the rug with his head on one of the orange squares and insists that we join him…a proposition that is none too easy for me at this point in my pregnancy.  But how can you resist that face?

We’re so excited that the design worked out and totally tickled that our son loves it as much as we do.

Have you designed your FLOR lately?

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My FLOR Story

I wasn’t sure if I had ever told the story to you all of how I became such a FLOR fan, so I thought I’d give you a brief history of my love affair with FLOR.  WHY, you ask??  Because the very last to-do for my son’s big-boy room is an area rug and of course I turned to FLOR immediately…but not just because I write for this here blog…

…my love affair with FLOR began back in 2008 when I was first pregnant with my son.  I was watching an episode of Martha Stewart and they were showcasing Martha’s line of carpet tiles at FLOR. I watched as Kevin Sharkey easily cut his tiles in half to create beautiful patterns of carpet on the floor. I was intrigued.

So I decided to order some for my son’s nursery and I commenced designing a crazy-pants carpet with tons of cuts and angles. My experience was NO. WHERE. NEAR. as easy as Kevin Sharkey’s and I was disappointed. But I knew that the reason my experience was more difficult was because I hadn’t used the proper tools. Namely, I was trying to cut carpet in a straight line with a chintzy X-acto knife and a wood ruler.

So, I cut my losses (pun not intended) and laid out my FLOR tiles in a not-as-complicated pattern and quickly realized just how great the tiles were. They were easy to put together. They adhered to themselves and NOT the floor itself, and they were super versatile save for the mini experiment I tried in cutting them.

Fast forward a year later and it was time for my husband and I to do something about our master bedroom. I once again, decided to use the FLOR tiles and once again, decided to do something custom. THIS time I got the right tools and the process was easy as pie…you can read more about it here.

Since then, we have also used FLOR tiles to make a mat in front of our kitchen sink. Here for your viewing pleasure are all three of those projects:

Now…as I mentioned, we’re in the market for another area rug and once again, I am going with FLOR tiles. THIS time, I used the super-cool FLOR builder tool on the FLOR website. Basically, it allows you to choose how many squares you need and how you want them laid out and then you can fill in each square with what color tile you want.


Bonus: once you have worked out your design, you can see how much your design will cost at the bottom of the screen and order it straight from there. (Please note: it LOOKS like I’m about to order a crazy-expensive area rug…but in reality, I plan to cut each tile into quarter squares so that there are 60 total squares which is what the image shows above…but since the online tool doesn’t adjust to allow for custom cutting [other than strips] I told the system I wanted 60 squares of FLOR tiles…which would be pretty-much enough carpet to cover the moon.  Ok.  I exaggerate a bit.)

So anyway, now you know why I love FLOR so much…tell me…what do you love about FLOR?

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