July 16, 2012

Caught in a web of…

…packaging tape??

In my family, it is a known fact that I can not be trusted with packaging tape.  Any and all attempts to use the medium for even its most basic use (wrapping a package to be mailed) usually end up with my fingers completely entombed in tape and potentially some mutterings about packaging tape being from the devil and maybe some declarations that “this tape is broken”.  Don’t even get me started on cling wrap.

But clearly there are other people, other more agile, less clumsy, more artistic, less sticky people who have seen the potential of packaging tape and taken it to a web-tastic place that even I could never conjure up.

Croatian-Austrian “design collective”, Numen, works within a number of different fields from scenography to conceptual art with some industrial and spacial design (as well as some kick-booty furniture design) in the mix as well.  Their latest tape installation in Melbourne’s Federation Square is their largest endeavor to date.  It spans 16 meters across (53 feet) and is 6 meters (20) feet above the ground!  And did I mention it is made entirely of PACKAGING TAPE?!

Possibly the coolest (also scariest) part of this installation is how visitors can interact with it.  The tape encasement can easily hold the weight of those brave enough to explore – though my fear of spiders, sticky things and claustrophobic concepts would definitely keep me from venturing inside.

There are more amazing photos of this mind-boggling installation on the Numen website along with links to their other tape projects in Berlin, Belgrade and Vienna’s Odeon as well as an attic installation in Vienna that I truly encourage you to check out as the photos of both the processes and the final results are breath taking.


All photos by Fred Kroh and Numen/ForUse

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