August 17, 2012

Collectible Bowls by Bob Stocksdale

Personally, I adhere to the modernist mantra of objects of necessity and usefulness as foundation for the decor of the home. While perusing 1stdibs recently, I came across a stunning collection of useable art, a series of gorgeous handmade bowls by Bob Stocksdale. Signed by the artist, these vessels will only increase in value over time, with enjoyment and care. Perfect to display, offering interest to the space, as well as a wonderful conversation piece, they are worthy of our affection and tending. I love the subtle textural quality resulting from the inherent character of each wood species. Carefully inscribed on the base of each basin for the curious to discover the secret beauty of these wooden treasures. Each bowl a different shape and size, responding I believe, to the nature of the material and the patterning offered. What a gift.

Images sourced at  1stdibs




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