June 4, 2012

Color Jam

It’s that time again. Art is going to take over the Chicago Loop. For 2012, the theme is “Color Jam”, and Jam it will. A three dimensional installation of vibrant color. Quoted as the largest public artwork in Chicago’s history, it is composed of more that 76,000 square feet of colored vinyl.

‘From June to September of 2012, a prominent intersection in the Chicago Loop will be transformed into an artist’s canvas as part of the annual Art Loop: an award-winning series that introduces Chicagoans to the best in contemporary public art. Commissioned by Chicago Loop Alliance, renowned artist Jessica Stockholder will create a site specific, three-dimensional work of art titled “Color Jam.” “Color Jam” will saturate streets, sidewalks and building facades with a bold and resonant palette, creating a sensation of “walking through an animated film.”

Massive in scale and playful in its use of public space, “Color Jam” will place viewers in the middle of a work of art. What I love most about this concept is that the physicality of the space engages people. If you enter the exhibit you will experience art. “Color Jam” public programming will be themed around a series of “Jams,” or events. Drawing upon the rich landscape of arts-based, educational, and civic organizations in Chicago, Jams will facilitate surprising and serendipitous interactions among arts disciplines and their audiences. Jams are intentionally open-ended: they will take the form of concerts, talks, happenings, and virtual interactions.’ This installation screams summertime.

Excerpts and images sourced at  Artloop.chicago loop alliance

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