August 25, 2010

Color madness…

Recently spent a lovely afternoon at the Long Beach Crawfish Festival… besides the yummy crawfish feast that we had, I was totally inspired by all the colorful festivities there. One in particular, random Mardi Gras beads and necklaces that were given to us at the entrance. Normally, and this is my design brain speaking, I would have asked if I could have this or that color instead, but I was just happily going with the flow. And what turned out to be colors that I would have never put together, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I loved the combo – neon pink, bright teal, and dark purple. As I was standing in line later (waiting for fresh beignets!), I thought to myself, I need to start throwing all sorts of colors together and see what comes of it. Spontaneity may really, really work… at least for me, being a minimalist at heart. I tend to keep things down to the bare essentials, and usually sticking to the whites, neutrals, greys… well you get the idea. But once in a while, I do enjoy a pop of color here and there. I’m sure there’s a method behind all this color madness, but aren’t they so beautifully and brilliantly put together?

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