October 22, 2010

Color of Nature

I often find inspiration in nature while developing a color palette for a design project.  I keep an ever evolving image library which I draw from when developing a concept.  I love to surround myself with the beauty of these images, and to use them as a guide while exploring possiblilities and appropriate solutions with a client.  

It is difficult to improve upon the complexity and range found in the environment that surrounds us; Whether the subtlety inherent in blacks and grays of an elephant, the vivid combinations found in a sunset, or serene values of the blue of the sea.


Technology has made this process even more useful and applicable to any color study. There are nifty free color match App's available that allow us to recreate the exact color combinations found in our environments, and apply them directly to the paint on the wall, and the upholstery on our sofa.  

There are many great resources available, but  I found Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore App's are a great place to start.  

Photography by:

  1. Alistair Kerr
  2. Phillip Klinger
  3. Katrarina Stefanovic

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