September 23, 2013

Color Stories in a Modern World

Have you ever thought of you interiors as “color stories”? They certainly are and they are shifting your perspective to this creative mentality. It’s a wonderful way to embrace your space. Dwell magazine recently highlighted 6 different color stories that anyone can enjoy in this modern world. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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color stories 2

color stories 3

WHITE – Sure, white is the “absence of color” but it certainly makes a powerful impact in a space. White palettes offer fresh, clean and comfortable design experiences while letting a room really breathe. Aside from a calm interior, white provides the perfect backdrop for accenting your favorite furniture and decor items.

YELLOW – Also a neutral, yellow hues are so in vogue, it’s awesome to see people championing this color palette. Yellow color stories offer a whimsical, cheery and stylish space and can add new life. Yellow can be bright and can be toned down for a more elegant, stated vibe.

BLUE – Appealing to many, blue color stories are a “striking” and lovely way to create style and design in your space. Blue can make accents pop or you can layer it for a more relaxed interior.

See all 6 color stories right here. What color would you go for?

(Images via Dwell)

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