February 28, 2011

Come to my Garden

It hit 50+ degrees in Boston a couple of weeks ago and as I wandered out to my car I found myself surprised by the warmth of the sun.  Just that little tingle of warmth, that little glimpse of weather that doesn't involve snow blowing, really got my spirits going and made me think about my favorite 'room' at my home; my garden.  Here it is all tucked under a blanket of snow (albeit, a heavy blanket…this is about two feet) just waiting for the warmth of that sun to hit it and magical things to start happening.

Now before all you self-professed black thumbs click away, let me start by saying that until we purchased our home I had never even kept a house plant alive for more than two weeks, so when we first visited our home, back before purchasing it in the summer of 2006, and saw this…

  …we were pretty intimidated. 

 The garden had sat untouched for two years.  Needless to say, it was a tad overgrown.

My husband wanted to plow over the whole thing and make a lawn…but we could tell there was potential…so I was able to convince him to have a nursery come out in the Spring and tidy up the place a bit.

Tidy it up they did!!  I came home from work in early May of 2007 to this beautiful scene!



Since then, we have actually come to enjoy working in our garden.  We visit the nursery that came out to help us restore the garden a few times a year looking for new plants to put in and getting general guidelines on what to expect for the coming seasons.

Here's what the place looked like this past summer:



I love my garden.  It is a calm place to have a cup of coffee in the morning and to watch the sunset over a glass of wine in the evening.  The tall hedges shield us from the street, but still allow us to say hello to neighbors when they walk by. 

Just getting out there and experimenting with colors and textures and planning is enough to get my creative juices flowing.  It is a place I am excited to introduce to my son and I can only hope that he will find the multiple paths and levels as magical as I do.

Not everyone has the fortune to luck into a beautiful outdoor space as we did…but I venture to say that it is fairly easy to get started on creating one of your own.  Hopefully, dreams of warm, colorful gardens are enough to get all of us out of our winter doldrums and excited for the spring that was promised to me by the warmth of the sun.

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