September 17, 2010

Common Household Solutions: Where To Hang Kitchen Towels?

After spotting this image of a Mark Olson-designed kitchen on Desire to Inspire (shout out to two of my favorite bloggers, Kim and Jo!), I noticed something I hadn't ever thought of before: kitchen towel storage! Because I'm in the process of renovating my dream home, I've had function on the brain for more weeks than I'd like to admit and am astounded I hadn't yet thought of where to hang my kitchen towels.

When renovating or re-designing a space on any scale, the questions to ponder are endless: where to keep winter boots? Where will I store my jewelry? Where will the bar of soap go in our shower? It's enough to make my brain explode.

Now, when it comes to kitchen tea towels, I'm of the school of thought that you can never have too many. I rarely keep paper towels handy and almost always opt for clean-up of the cloth and linen variety. So, here's a basic, handy list of creative ways to hang that endless supply of tea towels in your kitchen (and no, the oven handle does not count!):

1. In the image above, you'll see a handy towel bar installed on the kitchen island. I love this idea!
2. Why not DIY a peg board for miscellaneous spatulas and towels to hang beautifully in the open?
3. The ENDO magnet clip can stick to your fridge and hold even the heaviest of tea towels.
4. In the image below (courtesy of Design*Sponge), a simple nail in the wall provides the perfect resting place for a tea towel (or apron!). Or, you know. The oven handle.

What do you think, readers? Where do you hang your kitchen towels?

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