December 16, 2010

Cool Tools: Colr Pickr

Where do you find color inspiration? One of my favorite, endless sources of inspiration is Flickr, along with useful search tools created by independent developers. Among these is Jim Bumgardner's Colr Pickr. Move the slider, pick a color, and voilà – a collection of images drawn from the photo sharing site! 

The resulting images are modest in number, but they include any photos uploaded to Flickr, not just Creative Commons ones like most other color search tools. Clicking on each thumbnail takes you to the Flickr page.

In addition to the general color search, there are specialized Colr Pickrs, such as Flowers, Macro, Textures, and Urban Decay. Pictured above are the results of a Doors and Windows search, which could be especially fun to play with if you're thinking of doing some house painting!

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