December 20, 2010


There are two theories of Christmas Tree trimming.  The coordinated tree and the not-so-coordinated tree.  The former of which there are thousands of inspirational photos to look at on various design blogs, in magazines and at your local design stores.  But I have a sneaky suspicion that most people who trim a tree go the latter route.  The problem is, the traditionally non-coordinating-decorated tree seems to be the ugly-step-sister when it comes to holiday decor; looking for inspiration pictures for this post took forever because most people apparently don't want to take gorgeous, design-y pictures of their anything-but-coordinated Christmas tree.  While there are plenty of gorgeous pictures like this one from Coastal Living:

or this one from Grace Happens:

or these from the past three Christmas' over at Young House Love:

or this lovely flocked one that Eddie Ross did:

…there seem to be few pictures of eclectically dressed trees like this one over at Blueprint Bliss:

…or this one Jennifer over at Climbing my Family Tree did:

The thing is…while I can totally appreciate the coordinated, 'perfect' tree…I grew up decorating our tree every year with a hodge-podge of ornaments that had been in my family for years.  Each one has a special meaning, and while they don't match in the least, together, they make any tree, whether fir or faux, a Christmas tree.

- contrary to my previous post – we did eventually get a tree.  You'll notice that all the breakable ornaments are out of toddler reach -

What tree type to you fit into?

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