February 27, 2013

Custom Elevator Music? Only at QT Hotel

I love a hotel that balances elegance, coolness and a bit of quirkiness. There’s something special about feeling whisked away as your traveling to a new destination. From the decor to the location to the comfort of the beds, many hotels combine all of this to create a wonderful experience. QT Hotel in Sydney, AU offers just this style (See the very cool design vibe in the pics below),  including one special addition that is totally unique – custom elevator music. Yes!

Guests have shared that when riding in the elevator, the music will change depending on how many people are in the elevator car. Riding alone? Perhaps a song like Elvis Presley’s “Are You Lonely Tonight” will play. Two folks in the elevator? Grover Washington’s “Just the Two of Us” may come through the speakers. 5 or more, well, get ready for a little Lady Gaga party music. What song would you like to hear in the elevator?


(Images via QT Sydney)

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