May 10, 2012

Decorating with Lockers

Too cool for school? Never. With the rise of industrial materials and today’s trendy nod to vintage metal, school lockers are showing up in some of my favorite homes to date. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

Image: House & Garden

Above, a Scandinavian-inspired living space is the perfect backdrop for gray-blue aged lockers, providing both incredible storage and maximum style.

Image: Decorating with China (via The City Sage)

Low profile lockers make for a hipper alternative to the traditional sideboard in an eclectic, curated dining room.

Image: Country Living

Lockers in the kitchen? Why not? House miscellaneous spices, recipes, oils and more in a unique, easy-to-manage fashion.

Image: Living Agency

A set of lockers atop a wire frame and casters provides a statement storage piece for any living space.  Bonus? The wheels make the piece feel casual and unstuffy Рthe perfect balance to the industrial vibe!

Image: Het Kabinet

Admittedly, these are more similar to file cabinets than lockers, but they’ve still got that cool industrial vibe going for them. And when paired with a stylish chair and end table, they fit right at home in the living room or office.

So, friends – will you be saving your pennies for a set of lockers anytime soon? I’m definitely on board!

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