September 5, 2012

Denmark Dorm

With the new schoolyear kicking into high gear, a unique dormatory in Copenhagen, Denmark called Tietgen Student Hall takes center stage. This 360-degree dorm comes complete with a beautiful courtyard, two music rooms, a computer room, a gym, a bike room and so much more.

The open-air design allows for students to avoid that cooped-up feeling, yet there are plenty of places to get away for studying and down time.

Students frequent the courtyard for some time with friends. or they come with bookbags fully stocked to keep them company for an outdoor study session..

Quite the break from your standard silver-box-stacked mailroom.

The 30 kitchens interspersed throughout play a central role in the community of the students. Twelve rooms are assigned to a central kitchen, allowing students to cook, eat and clean together; creating a sense of family while they’re away from home (and home-cooked meals).

It’s no secret why this project has won several prestigious awards over the years for both its design and functionality.

The Awards

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