March 15, 2012

Design: The New Business

Take a peek at this short documentary film released this week about the power of design in the process of business development. Titled Design: The New Business, it was created by 6 students from Strategic Product Design at TU Delft in the Netherlands.The film is positioned to look critically at business process’, the influence of technology and the power of creativity. Interviews with Virgin, Phillips, and Volkswagen, as well as the business teams and design teams responsible for re-imagining their respective business’,  convey how product-driven companies are engaging design process’, to make the transition to a more service dominant and human centered logic. I believe in this discipline of interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. It is applicable to each and every beautiful object we enjoy, and relevant research and observation influences the design of the user experience of everything in our environments. The coolest thing is that this mindset knows no cultural barriers. Design is the tool that has the ability to interpret the human condition, worldwide. Complex problems broken down to the most simplistic elements, provides clarity, and opportunity to create and design solutions to our business’ greatest challenges. This isn’t new. This marriage of design and business thinking has been around for decades. It is exciting to see big business begin to embrace the potential of the creative process, to fuel growth, identity, and process. I’d love to hear what you think.

Images and excerpts sourced at Design: The New Business website.


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