October 29, 2012

DIY Halloween Dragon

It’s that time of year again. Our thoughts go all things spooky and spectacular.¬†At the DeGrace house, we are big into a handmade Halloween. Simple, tactile and unique, it makes the experience of the day that much more special. Each of our boys has a connection to their chosen disguise through their own efforts to craft and create it. It is a time to rally the collective creative energy of the family, ultimately everyone teaching and learning from one another. It seems it offers the unique vision that anything is possible. Powerful indeed. Imagine it, and create it.

One of our most memorable recent projects was a Chinese Dragon. It began with the imagination of our youngest son. Like all projects it presented a myriad of design challenges and problems to solve. How to create a structure light enough to carry? Can I see where I am going? And perhaps most importantly, how do I still get to the door for candy? Paper Mache was the medium of choice, over an aluminum wire frame.

The Dragon has been used multiple years, by the boys together, as well as groups individually, with groups of their friends. The head hangs proudly in their bedrooms now. Like most creative adventures, there were benefits and outcomes we couldn’t have anticipated. Three young brothers learning to work together to walk in unison was priceless. Each taking a turn at the head to lead the charge. All equally invested, and valued. The gifts of collaboration and design. Happy Halloween!

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