September 30, 2013

DIY Project: Minimalist Shelving


I’m one of those antsy homeowners that loves to change up her space every month or so. By switching out art prints or throw pillows or yes, even knick-knacks, I’m continually transforming my home’s personality in an attempt to fight the dreaded decorating boredom. After all, if I freshen up small corners of my home often enough, I’ll keep my eyes from wandering to the bigger projects, yes? (Here’s hoping!)


So of course, this minimalist cube shelving is absolutely up my alley. Simple and understated, it’s the perfect place to showcase tiny objects that collectively make a big statement. Even better? The DIY instructions seem easy enough to tackle in an afternoon – the ultimate gift for antsy homeowners everywhere.


Three cheers for handmade projects – especially when they promise to display our most loved objects, prized possessions and treasured finds. Tell me, what would you display on your shelf?

Image Credit: Emmas Blogg

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