August 27, 2013

Dream It Yourself


Finding a beautifully-designed, modern and unique table can cost a fortune, and rightfully so. A surface area that provides both function and show-stopping form can certainly make a statement and elevate any space. But where to find a suitable option that won’t break the bank?

Easy: make one. By investing in a beautiful base (or, inspired by the image above, two bases), you can create your own custom masterpiece. Simply add a slab of wood, concrete or metal as a tabletop and – suddenly – yesterday’s geometric end table is today’s glorified dining room centerpiece.

And the possibilities don’t stop there. Try garden statues, office shelving or art sculptures – all of which make for fabulously unique table bases. Proof that a bit of creativity and elbow grease can make any old object look like a million bucks.

Happy designing!

Image Credit: Apparatus via Lonny Magazine

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