February 10, 2011

Dreaming Of Dandelions

It isn't quite the season for dandelion clocks or even flowers, but a few British designers have made it possible to bring this motif into the home year-round … with a bit of retro 50s flair!

First up is the talented printmaker Angie Lewin, whom I discovered when I purchased her Dandelion Two cushion covers. Shown above are a couple of her lively floral designs: a Green Meadow linocut print and Dandelion One fabric pattern. (Definitely check out Lewin's other nature-inspired work and her book Plants and Places if you haven't already!)

Meanwhile, the venerable British decor brand Sanderson has pulled a 1950s design from its archives and is putting Dandelion Clocks on everything from bed linens to dinnerware (including a darling teapot). 

Atomic dandelions can also be found on fabric and wallpaper from London's MissPrint; check out their site to see all the pretty colors! 

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