April 21, 2011

Dusty Dreams

I know, I know…the chalkboard wall trend has seen its day, come back again and has seen its day again and yet is still 'up there' in ranking of 'cool-things-to-do-in-your-house-to-make-your-neighbors-think-you're-the-saaviest-decorator-ever'.  Seriously…I equate painting a wall in your home with chalkboard paint as the equivalent of having a photo booth at your wedding: anyone who knows the industry knows that it is 'sooooo 2006', but 99% of your guests don't know the industry so who cares, right?

And yet, I can not seem to get the idea of installing a chalkboard wall somewhere in my home out of my head.  The one, and I mean ONE, thing that is keeping me from heading out right this second and heading to my nearest paint store and scoring some paint is a major concern that has been chipping away at my resolve daily.  Specifically…what do you do with all of that chalk dust?

I can handle the fact that I will never have my chalkboard wall styled with a perfect combination of grace and laid-back attitude.  I can handle the fact that the paint is black and apparently not the easiest to go up.  I can handle the fact that it won't always erase cleanly and there will be remnants of whatever we write or draw on the wall forever…but I just can't wrap my mind around where all that dust goes.

So, until I figure out the great mystery, I will just have to continue to live vicariously through the beautiful inspiration photos one can find around every corner of the internet.  Like the amazing calendar wall (above) Laura Frantz has in her home, or the beautiful play room walls (below) found over at Rundle St Farmer's and Southern Exposure, respectively.


Even better, is this beautiful slate wall installation in a penthouse in Andorra (found over at Arch Daily; photographs by Eugeni Pons).


Who needs to mess around with chalkboard paint when you have gorgeous slate walls as a base?

So, dear readers, have any of you plunged into the chalkboard wall pool?  And if so, can you quell my dust fears?

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