January 30, 2012

Earning their stripes

Ah, the ubiquitous stripe.  Long a design favorite for its versatility and playfulness, the stripe continues to be a popular option for decorating a variety of spaces.  Because stripes generally are the same width throughout their length, they automatically become a bold statement.  Of course, there are so many different ways of interpreting stripes that the boldness factor can go from 0-60 quickly (which is what we call ‘racing stripes’ ;)  Heh – see what I did there….snicker, snicker…

Anyway, moving along from my poor puns, the big, bold stripes below in this beautiful reading nook from The Lettered Cottage are restrained by their muted tone-on-tone color palate.  The space is small, yet feels larger because the stripes cause your eyes to continue to move about the room.

About a year ago, Layla and Kevin needed to transition their reading nook (above) to a guest bedroom nook so they took a road trip to scavenge some old floor boards, made a built in bed and added some 1×2′s to create a board and batten look. The new, more organically created stripes within the reclaimed wood wall and the board an batten are a fresh twist on the old theme.

Here’s another gorgeous example (found here but credited to House Beautiful) of how a more organic stripe, as created by the wood paneling on the walls, beadboard on the ceiling and variated floor boards in this bathroom below, can make a small space seem fresh and inviting.

I’m just loving this newer, softer stripe trend.  Have you earned your stripes in your home?

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