October 5, 2010

Eco-Friendly Napkins For Fall

When my household switched from disposable paper to reusable cloth napkins, we were driven by the desire to be more green. But we were just as pleased with the aesthetic difference these cloth napkins made to our table. Whether we’re having a simple weekday breakfast or a more formal dinner party, we love how easily cloth napkins can add warmth, personality, and elegance.

In an effort to be more environmentally-conscious, I also like using napkins made from organic fibers and supporting independent artisans on Etsy. Here are a few autumn-appropriate designs that have caught my eye recently.

(pictured above) Natural Fiber Napkins – Hemp (set of 4), $24 from angieell

Organic Hemp and Cotton Cocktail Napkins (set of 2), $14 from downhomeamy

Eco Friendly Hemp/Organic Cotton Napkins (set of 4), $40 from EcoInspired

Grey Linen Napkins Hand Printed With Water-Based Inks (set of 2), $19.99 from eNanoo

Woodland Ferns Hemp Napkins
(set of 4), $32 from JenniferJoyCreative

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