April 28, 2011

Ed Chew – TetraBox Light

Every once in a while I like to peruse the pretty lamp aisle in my local hardware store.  If am feeling in the need of true glitz and sparkle, than I will go to my closest lamp store or page through an issue of House Beautiful or scan the web for my glamorous lamp fix.  So when I came across the following photos of these spectacular lights, I had to share them with you.

Pop quiz – QUICK – tell me about this lamp.  Who made it? What is it made of? How do I get one? 

Are you starting to figure it out?

If you answered Ed Chew, hundreds of empty drink boxes, and with a lot of cutting, folding and patience..than you are correct.

Designer Ed Chew wanted to do his part to help make the world a better, more sustainable place.  He recognized that in Malaysia thousands of drink cartons – Malaysians' favorite soft drink vessel – are tossed daily so he put on his designer thinking cap and came up with a way to cut the boxes into strips and then fold them into hexagon and pentagon modules.  The modules can then slide together to form larger scale shapes.  Bonus?  They attach to one another without any adhesive.  The result of the finished pieces are these gloriously architectural spheres and columns that he then fills with light.

Now we've all seen our share of reclaimed materials gone awry, but I can't imagine that anyone would bat an eyelash at these beautiful fixtures.  What I love even more is his undeterrable spirit.  On his website he dreams: 

Imagine if each of us were to turn the empty boxes after each quench into a hexagon, and collectively knot them together, what possibly could we achieve? We could possibly achieve building a spherical pavilion as big as a house!

All photos via: Yanko Design.  Visit Ed Chew's site here: http://www.edchew.my/tetrabox

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