April 21, 2011

El Cosmico

I have been considering some time to get away, for some warmth, relaxation and renewal. I discovered that some of my favorite musicians are performing a Railroad Revival Tour this month with a stop in Marfa Texas, at El Cosmico. Perfect.

El Cosmico is the creation of Liz Lambert. A unique take on lodging, fostering community, connection to the environment and simplicity. El Cosmico, opened in the fall of 2009, in Marfa, Texas. "El Cosmico is part vintage trailer, yurt and teepee hotel and campground, part creative lab, greenhouse and amphitheatre – a community space that fosters and agitates artistic and intellectual exchange." Lambert has worked closely with renowned architecture firm Lake/Flato and Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure, as well as with a creative team of artists, builders and students, to create a unique communal outpost in the West Texas desert". www.elcosmico.com
The accommodations are not your typical resting spot. They are a destination full of character and charm. I true get-away from the fast pace and stress of our everyday, providing the simplicity of environment to refocus and reconnect with friends new and old.
From concerts, music festivals, culinary weekends and design build adventures, there is plenty of interesting community centered culture. What’s happening at El Cosmico? Click HERE to find out about events. I would love to attend a design build adventure. What a great family vacation that would be. Learning together about the important art of collaboration, working with our hands, and giving back to the local community at the same time.
Ready Made Magazine did a great story on El Cosmico in their Feb/March issue 2010. I love Liz's "10 Things a Trailer Can Teach You" list. I believe these lessons ring true.
Think Like a Ship In boat construction, every nook and cranny is utilized and objects often play more than one role. In El Cosmico’s Imperial Mansion, a stool made of recycled tires doubles as a coffee table. In another trailer, a bathroom door becomes a bedroom door with a swing of the hinge.
Reconsider the Basics
Free up precious square footage by deciding what you can do without. Maybe you don’t need a couch if you have a big bed? If you never bake, can you forgo an oven?
Break Out of the Box
A deck or patio can act as an open-air living room, doubling your space. To make an appealing hangout, install a fire pit, a grill, weatherproof furniture—and even an outdoor shower or bathtub.
Make Like a Minimalist
Keeping interiors simple and spare, with little excess ornamentation, increases a sense of spaciousness. All-white interiors or floor-to-ceiling wood paneling creates a neutral backdrop and allows well-placed bits of color to really pop.
Sneak Peeks
Generous windows in tight quarters can ease a sense of claustrophobia and emphasize a connection to the outdoors. If you have the ability to design or add windows, place them in unusual spots (at bed height, for example) to create postcard views that offer new perspectives on the landscape.
Embrace Cozy
A small space can be cave-like in a good way. Enhance the coziness with a plethora of candles and a woolly throw blanket and enjoy intimate corners for conversation.
Master Division
Instead of dividing up a long, narrow space with walls—blocking sightlines and making things feel uncomfortably closed-in—imply different zones with transparent screens, such as a beaded curtain or an open bookshelf. Do you really need privacy when it’s just you, or the two of you?
Cut Clutter
Embracing certain practical rituals, like taking off your shoes before entering or putting something away as soon as you use it, helps keep things clutter-free. This is essential in a small space, where it doesn’t take much to make a mess.
Beautify Essentials
A tiny space puts an end to the hoarding of stuff (ideally), so why not make what you do have extra beautiful? Splurge on a few key pieces and pay attention to the mundane objects: a gorgeous broom makes housekeeping a little bit happier.
Personality Test
Sharing 280 square feet offers a crash course in tolerance and compatibility and a chance to get to know your sweetheart—or yourself—a lot better. “It strips things down,” says Lambert. “We get so busy and cluttered in our lives. Spending time in a trailer offers a reckoning: It helps you reassess what your needs actually are and to figure out what’s really important to you.”
Visit El Cosmico online at elcosmico.com
Images courtesy of Ready Made Magazine

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