August 2, 2012

Even more extreme themes!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sharing with you some crazily-awesome, over-the-top, themed kids rooms.  I had so much fun finding them that I couldn’t resist looking for more.  Take a look at some of these more sweet, and even more other-worldly creations!!


It is next to impossible to find a feminine, themed room that ISN’T fairy tale inspired, so I would be remiss to completely strike them from my search offerings. These two are the shining examples in the multitudes that I found.  The mural on the wall above is particularly amazing – especially since it continues to the ceiling.  And below, the simple refacing of a closet transforms the room to a castle fit for a prince, princess or Kardashian.


Stepping away from fairy tales and royalty, these lovely garden villa themed spaces are decidedly sweet.

(found here but credited to Mine )

And if you’re looking to go even sweeter, there’s always this candy/salon inspired room…


…or this amazing ice cream shop themed bedroom!


Moving along toward a less saccharine concept – I loved this striking ship themed installation.  The bookshelf concept on its own is delightful.


And what space-loving kid wouldn’t be thrilled with this spaceship room that was created by the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team (and sourced here)!

Even the entry is magical!

Lastly, I had to include this fantastic horse barn inspired suite.  Also created by the geniuses at Extreme Makeover Home Edition (and photographed by the incomparable Davey Morgan), the sliding barn door is so on trend right now and I love that gorgeous bright yellow.

So what do you think…if you could be a kid again and theme up your space – what would you choose?  Princess or Lego? Horses or space cadets?  Garden party or fire station?  Or would you go in a totally new direction?

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