October 14, 2010

Everything but the Kitchen Sink – bottle racks

I know, I know…I said this was a Monday series…but on Thursdays I like to talk about design from a parent perspective (usually I try to elevate it above the Rorschach-like splatters of food my toddler leaves on the floor) so today I thought I would look at something that has been a major part of my kitchen counter scape for the last 15 months: the bottle rack.

We've been using this great rack from Skip Hop and I have enjoyed the sense of fun it has lended to the mundane task of washing bottles. every. single. day. 

(Of course, that said, I am proud to announce that our son enjoyed his very last bottle the other day and has now fully transitioned to sippy cups and while the bottle rack is great for drying all of those sippy cup parts, I find I can just use the drying rack we have in our sink for larger items and remove the bottle rack from my counter all together.)

There are some other great options out there like this one I spotted over at Young House Love.  They got it from Target and it doesn't seem to be available anymore, but I am sure there are more like it out there.  I love that it doesn't scream BABY BABY BABY and is still just as functional.


Another fun option is the grass drying rack from Boon.  The pop of color it lends to the countertop is so fun and quirky.  If only they made a huge one to dry regular pots and pans on…now that would be a whole lotta awesome!


There's always this ultra-tradtional, yet still sleek model by Especially for Baby…it doesn't have a huge footprint and the muted color scheme helps it disappear into the background.


Of course, I LOVE the use of something unexpected and this metal, French style bottle rack is beautiful!  I would keep this out on my counter well after the bottle stage!


For the daring, this bright red beer bottle drying rack is a great statement.  My first thought when I saw it was how it reminded me of all the wonderful red coral accents I've been seeing around lately.


Lastly, I spotted the new offering from Beaba while visiting Williams-Sonoma the other day.  It's fun, quirky, has a small footprint and just might be bright enough to shine through the bottle drying doldrums.


So there you go…with this post I am officially ending my Monday-afternoon-except-for-this-one-on-a-Thursday Series on Everything but the Kitchen Sink.  Hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

(Photo credits: 1&2 – Miriam Bradford, 3 – Young House Love, 4 – Dear Crissy, 6 – Shabby Fufu, 7 –  HomeBrewing.org)

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