October 4, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink – utensil caddies

Before I got married, I didn't even know how to make a grilled cheese…I know…ridiculous.  Now, three years in, I would consider myself a pretty good cook…this is mostly in part to an unhealthy obsession with cook books but can also be traced to my love of kitchen utensils and gadgets.  In our house the rule is if you don't use it, you lose it…so the fact that the picture below shows such a diverse range of kitchen utensils MUST mean that I've graduated from grilled cheese to at least something requiring a whisk, ladle, one of those skiimmer things and a mulitute of spoons and spatulas…right?

Well, it turns out that for me to work best, I need my tools handy.  Thus, we keep our long handled kitchen tools in a caddy on the counter as I am sure many people do.  My husband brought this caddy into our marriage and I am glad he did because there is nothing more frustrating than trying to quickly get a spoon or spatula out of the caddy and having the handles get stuck and end up dragging the entire caddy down the counter while you burn your French Toast.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where our wooden caddy came from…fortunately, I've found some other fun options out there that would look none too shabby on even the best looking kitchen counters.

A great crock with a wooden base has character but isn't too "charming":

Or if "charming" is up your alley, that there is no shortage of cermaic crocks on the market:

For a more modern, simplist kitchen, you can't go wrong with this stainless steel option:

And for all you multi-taskers out there you can't beat this caddy/paper towel holder:

Of course, all this talk about caddies ignores the other option available for large kitchen utensil storage …hanging them on your wall:

Check out this great fix for using the side of your upper cabinets and some drawer pulls to make a hanging area:

And who wouldn't love to have all of their gadgets centrally located and organized in such a sleek manner:


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