February 14, 2013

Fab Wall DIY: Framed Dustbags

As a lover of design and fashion (hi, shoes and handbags), I have my closet pretty organized. Every time I open a shoebox in my closet, I see the pretty dustbag that came with the purchase. I really love the idea of a dustbag (an extra little gift with purchase, perhaps). I decided a few years ago to frame a few of mine for my bathroom. It was my own little curated fashion/art moment. I spotted a designer using the same idea in a client’s bedroom and wanted to share it with you. I absolutely love the idea of creating a personal art wall. Whether it’s photos that you’ve taken or framed wallpaper that you love or even a dustbag that your purse came in, the idea that you curated a collection for yourself is a design-savvy event.

Have you curated a personal art collection in your home?


(Images via Kristen Peak Interiors)

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