August 22, 2011

Falling Away

It happens so quickly.  Usually at dusk.  You realize the air has a particular light chill to it in the waning sunlight of a long afternoon.  And just like that, summer is ending.  Oh, it doesn’t mean there won’t still be a random selection of days thick with heat…but the evenings – the evenings now belong  to fireflies, couples holding hands, little kids in oversized sweatshirts licking ice cream cones and beach stained teenagers trying to make the summer last.

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I have never made it a secret that summer is my most favorite of all of the seasons.  But to be specific, I have favorite parts of summer…my most favorite being the beginning of summer…followed very closely by the end of summer.  Something about the joy of having enjoyed and hopefully relaxed oneself thoroughly throughout the summer combined with promise of bustling schedules and reacquainting with school friends and the excitement of the upcoming whirlwind that takes us all the way into the holidays.  It’s a magical time.

So its time to pack up the blues and greens and whites and dole out the creams and raspberries and goldens.

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Which will lead us into the time for chunky sweaters crafted into all sorts of beautiful objects to make our homes more cozy.

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Which will eventually direct us to the time for leaves and pumpkins and mums.

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Finishing us up with the time for warm throws and hot fires.

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Did you have a good summer?

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One Response to “Falling Away”

  1. Decor Arts Now Says:
    August 23rd, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Le sigh. Just came home from the beach (Montauk) on Sunday to ready my firstborn for his first year in college. This captures my mood exactly. Lovely pictures.