July 28, 2011

Farmer’s Market Finds

While holed up in the Adirondacks over the fourth of July, I had the fortunate experience of being invited along on a trip to a local farmer’s market.  The market, in Keene, NY was settled onto an old airstrip in the valley surrounded by the ‘High Peaks’ area of the Adirondacks and the setting couldn’t have been more beautiful.

The market had it’s fair share of beautiful organic fruits and veggies and meats and cheeses from grass fed animals but also had lots of local furniture and crafts artisans.

While there, I had my eye out for something ‘adventure-y’ for my son’s big-boy bedroom which is really starting to take shape.  I came across this beautiful, leather-topped bar stool that I figured, if cut to the right height, would make a super-cool bed side table.  But I was trying to be cognizant of the fact that this piece was going in a little kid’s room…which means stability is a necessity and I could only magine that any glass of anything – water, milk, etc. – would surely fall on the floor if the table top was this bumpy.  But still, it was a beautiful piece and I was very tempted to take it home.

There were other artisans there as well, Including this woman from White Stone Farm selling gorgeous yarn that she was spinning on the spot.

I was so entranced by her spinning that I almost missed the booth across the way featuring beautiful photographs from North Creek Designs framed in reclaimed barn wood and unfinished pine. The pictures were stunning, but what REALLY caught my eye was a beautifully framed ‘Skiing in the East’ poster from the Works Progress Adminiatration.  My husband is an avid skier and I’m not horrible so I knew it was a perfect fit of adventure and fun for our son’s room.

The reclaimed barn wood frame is the perfect tone for the deep blue we plan to paint his room.

I was so pleased to find such beautiful pieces all over the entire airfield.  It really hit me how special it is to have resources like this that are local where people can go to experience the local flavor and contribute to the local economy.

Have you been to a local farmer’s market while away from home?

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