July 30, 2012

Feeling just beachy

We’re headed on our annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore (the other 99.5% of the shore that hasn’t been Snookified) and I’m once again getting myself into a beachy state of mind.  Every year we suffer through slogging a multitude of beach chairs that are old and rickety and have just enough metal exposed to get really hot in the sun and or rip a finger off trying to unfold it…seriously, we should invest in new chairs.  And if we could really throw all practicality and caution to the wind, it might be nice to have something a bit more modern than the metal and mesh ones we normally sport.

Not to worry, because from the design house that brought you the amazing packaging tape installation, comes this much more down to earth, modular beach chair.  Numen studios’ XZ chair is the perfect balance of form and function and even takes into consideration the need for some serious sun protection no matter how cool you think you are whilst sitting in this chair.

For another modern take on the familiar, Oliver Desrochers created this one of a kind modern beach chair coined the “South Beach”.  I love the lines of this and how it references the ubiquitous Adirondack chair while defining its own minimalist form.

For more minimalism that’s a bit easier on the wallet (and the back…I mean, the point of a beach chair [for most of us] is to be able to carry it to the beach) Danish company, Skagerak, offers the Dania beach chair.

Lastly, though a bit more traditional, this lovely option from Etsy seller, gallantandjones, fulfills the magic trifecta of beach chair needs – comfort, design and an easy carry.

Would you trade your metal and mesh chairs for any of these?

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