September 2, 2011

Filip Dujardin: Fictions

Architectural photography is a true art. Looking at the element of space through the lens of the camera often provides an encapsulated and focused view of a broader and bigger vision. Stylists and photographers have the unique opportunity to effect what it is we see. Similarly, often as a designer, one studies the composition of a building facade or interior space, and repositions elements in the minds eye. What if you could design a room without structural support? Or, without concern for programmatic requirements? What fun it is to delve into the conceptual world providing the freedoms of pattern and form. Architecture for arts sake.

Belgin artist and photographer Filip Dujardin has created a photographic series titled Fictions. His artful arrangement of building elements encourage us to be open minded and explore the beauty of composition. When you study his work, you can’t help but try to make sense of the improbable and unbuildable positioning of forms. With photoshop, Dujardin creates images of his imagination, altering elevations and proportions by manipulating windows and doors, changing proportion of building elements, and adding volumes not actually present. He creates artful, dynamic and interesting architecture on the page.

I am inexplicability drawn to this work. I love the play on scale, color and proportion. Exploring architectural composition without constraint, through the eye of the camera first, and then a layer of fun filled freedom of imagination.

Highlight Gallery in San Francisco hosted the first U.S. solo gallery exhibition for Filip Dujardin’s work. Fourteen photographic plates of architectural spaces titled “Fictions”.

All images found here.

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