March 5, 2012

Filling Your Dream Home

Yes, still on the dream kick, Flor friends. My husband and I are currently looking for our first home and we’ve been talking about what *dream* items we’d love to have in our now home. Of course an infinity pool won’t be making it’s grand debut in our first home (dream item #4 on my list) but there are certainly details and items I love that I can interpret now.

How awesome is the Flor tile – Roadside Attraction? I absolutely love it. It’s engaging and just plain cool but most of all it’s a pretty pattern with a subtle texture to add to space. This version of my chevron dream is just right.

Another dream – black floors. I know, a bit crazy, right? I think if they are done in an elegant way and in a particular room – they will be gorgeous as well as being fun. To get this dream going in my now house, I would definitely use the Flor tiles sweetly known as House Pet in Black. I love how they feel two-toned and add dimension and depth.

Do you have dream home items that you use in your now house? Or if you are already in your dream home, share your favorite things.

:: image via Pinterest ::

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